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Hidden away in the rolling hills of Folsom, LA, Colthill Crescent Arabians makes it’s mark on the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse world. From its beginning, Colthill strove to build on the belief that to produce the best, one has to breed the very best mares to the very best stallions. Colthill and its clients steadfastly adhere to this mantra.

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” Colthill and its clients shine each time they step into the show ring.

Colthill Crescent Arabians

Our Special on Fox 8 News with "The Heart of Louisiana". Thank you Dave McNamara and Fox 8 News for an amazing story.


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Tonight, on Fox 8 News, Colthill Crescent Arabians will be a part of a special for The Heart of Louisiana. The showing will be tonight, Tuesday the 16th at 9p.m.

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Colthill Crescent is one of my favorite places to be. They having some of the BEST Straight Egyptian bloodlines in the world! The facility is beautiful, the staff is wonderful and the horses are absolutely amazing! Going to Colthill is like coming home to friends and family.

Vicki Duzac

Colthill Client, Fleur de Lis Arabians