Memorial Shadow Box Before Presentation

Farm assistant Janette Beard pulls Mike Danos to the front of the crowd to present him with a special gift.

In the Spring of 2014, the Colthill family lost an amazing mare, Lotus Sadiy (Thee Infidel x Lotus Wanisa).  Her owner, Mike Danos and all of the Colthill Gang were devastated over losing this beautiful, sweet girl.  She was a great mother and produced prize winning foals that have been exported across the United States and to the Middle East.  When she passed, we were able to save hair from her tail, and we had the idea to make a memorial shadow box in her honor.

At Colthill’s Learning Day this past weekend, we had the privilege to present this touching gift to Mike. He was a little upset with us for presenting this beautiful gift to him in front of everyone, but loved it at the same time!  We love you Danos, your girl touched all of our hearts and we hope this small tribute does her justice.

Presenting the Memorial Shadow Box

Farm assistant, Janette Beard presents Mike Danos with the Memorial Shadow Box that was made for Lotus Sadiy.

Janette & Danos with the Memorial Shadow Box

A truly heartfelt moment, Mike Danos is overcome with emotion as Janette Beard presents him with a Memorial Shadow box in honor of his mare, Lotus Sadiy.

Memorial Shadow Box Close up

Contained in the Memorial Shadow Box for Lotus Sadiy is hair from her tail, registration certificate, halter, Egyptian Event Champion ribbon, and several photos of Sadiy.